Friday, June 5, 2009

Blue Toes Holding Court

Today was the big day! It's final...done....finished. I've got to say I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. It's not what I expected to feel, but really, I am in a much better place than I was and will most definitely be a lot happier than the x-man will ever be.

So I had my toes done after court. I thought turquoise blue was a perfect color. It's calming and happy.

Now I move forward and really get a lot accomplished. I am going to participate in a blogging book group hosted by Jamie Ridler from Starshyne Productions.

We will be reading Wreck This Journal. This is a book I have wanted to get for myself for the past few months and now I have the perfect excuse. Come and join us if you'd like. It's going to be a blast.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starting Over

I am turning over a new leaf. I haven't posted in almost two months because well, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this blog thing. I have a lot of interests that I could talk about and probably will, but I want it to be something more.

I'm not at a very good place in my life right now. I am very recently divorced and while I have been there, done that before...this has been the hardest time of my life. It is getting easier now to pretend it's getting easier so that must mean that easier is right around the corner... right? I don't want to blog when I am upset because I do have a very positive outlook on life most of the time. Talking about the sad times I know is cleansing in a way, but I have tried throughout this whole ordeal not to subject my friends and family to too much moaning and groaning. Please excuse me if I feel the need to purge on occasion and I will try and limit it.

On a more positive note, I am going to view this new chapter in my life as an amazing opportunity. I am a strong, creative and independent woman who has and will continue to accomplish great things.

If anyone reads this I would appreciate all the feedback you've got. This is completely new to me. Not just the blogging, but I have never been the laying it all out there for the whole world to see type of girl. I am excited about this adventure and I can't wait to see what wonderful surprises are in store.

Ready, Set, GO!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awesome Room

This is fantastic. I could so live in this room. And Lisa Hannigan isn't bad either. I just started listening to her recently and this music makes me happy. Huh...happy music.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just in Time for Easter

It is definitely spring here in the sunny south. This mama had 12 babies to start. I only counted 11 this morning.

Anna and I watched them swim around with mom. They are too cute. If it looked like we were getting too close, mom would herd them up and move out a little further in the water.

We are off now to get ingredients for a big pot of vegetable soup and a batch of breakfast burritos.

Wishing everybody a wonderful Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

50 Things About Me

I will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks. WOW 50. It doesn't seem like a real number, because I don't feel 50. I am extremely grateful for those 50 years and everything that encompasses them. So in honor of myself I am starting this blog and I thought a good first post would be 50 things about me. I won't go into too much depth with any of them at this time, but I'm sure I will elaborate on some of them as time goes by.

  1. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 1. One son 25, three daughters, 22, 21 and 16. My grandson is 17 months old and amazing.
  2. I was served with divorce papers 2 weeks ago. While this has been devastating, especially where my heart is concerned, I am looking forward to a wonderful future. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and better days are ahead.
  3. I love to cook. I read cookbooks like novels and love trying new recipes. Baking is my favorite.
  4. I never go a day without having a cup of coffee as soon as I get up in the morning. The coffee pot is my second stop of the day, after the bathroom of course. I like pretty mugs, large ones...artsy ones. I keep 3 or 4 in my desk at work as well. It makes me happy to drink my coffee out of a beautiful piece of art.
  5. Like Britney, I am a Starbuck's junkie. White Chocolate Mocha or Caramel Frappucino with an extra shot puts a smile on my face.
  6. I am not really a collector type of person, but I do have a wonderful collection of fiestaware. All colors. My favorite colors are the tangerine, turquoise and sunshine because they are so bright and happy, and I'm thinking of listing my other pieces on ebay so that I can replace the other colors with those three.
  7. I am never more relaxed than when I am at the beach. You would think living in Florida it would be a daily thing, or at the very least weekly, but unless you live on the water it's not as easy to do as one might think what with all of life's responsibilities.
  8. I am a voracious reader. I read books of varied subjects. I hope to keep a list here of current books I am reading.
  9. I have way too many blogs that I follow. I guess it goes back to the voracious reader thing, but I don't have enough time to keep up with them all. I am going to have to pare back at some point I know, but there are so many that inspire me, it's hard.
  10. I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood. And I sing and dance in the car all the time.
  11. I have 2 older sisters that I don't see or talk to near enough. I miss them very much.
  12. I make cards for all occasions and if I do say so, I'm pretty good at it. I will be sharing some of my creations here.
  13. I like to sew, but don't do it near enough. I also like to knit and crochet, but I'm a beginner with both. Those skills will get better.
  14. My favorite television show of all time is Gilmore Girls. My oldest daughter got me into it a few years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I wish the series would have lasted longer. I miss Lorelai and Rory.
  15. I love fresh vegetables, especially home grown tomatoes. Very, very soon I am going to start a patio garden with fresh herbs, peppers and of course, tomatoes.
  16. I am an addict of The Food Network. There really isn't a celebrity chef on there that I don't enjoy watching, but Alton Brown, you're my hero.
  17. I have started a list of 50 things I want to experience or accomplish in the next 5 years. I will share that later on.
  18. I am an optimistic person. I don't see how someone can live day to day with a negative view on life. There are so many wonderful things to focus on and experience every day.
  19. I die my hair. I am not especially a vain person, but I started going gray in my 20's (hereditary thing) and I have been a blond ever since.
  20. I am deathly afraid of frogs. I know intellectually that most frogs, especially the ones we have in Florida (and we have a lot of frogs in Florida), are not dangerous, but if one gets too close, they will make me hurt myself trying to get away.
  21. I love front porch swings.
  22. I had my thyroid ablated 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and after battling it for 3 years I decided to have my thyroid removed. I didn't want someone cutting on my neck, so I went with the ablation. I haven't had a problem since. It was amazing how much better I felt immediately.
  23. I don't get enough exercise, but that is something I am working on.
  24. I am a serious DIYer. If it needs to be done, I will try and do it before I call for help, except when it comes to my car.
  25. I hate going to the dentist.
  26. I love going to the grocery store.
  27. I always try and stop at roadside vegetable stands. I can't resist all the beautiful colors.
  28. I try and have fresh cut flowers in my home at all times.
  29. I have lived in four different states and visited 30. I have never been out of the country except over the border to Tijuana.
  30. I don't drink alcohol very often...I don't like the effects.
  31. I am trying to quit smoking. It's an ongoing battle, but I will conquer it.
  32. I wear blue jeans almost everyday. It's what I am most comfortable in, but I love long flowing skirts. I just don't have that many.
  33. I don't have any pets at the moment (ex kept them), but it will not be too long before my daughter and I have a puppy.
  34. I am a magazine junkie. I love to read them and I have a hard time getting rid of them. I need serious help.
  35. I am very particular where my laundry is concerned. I don't like anyone else doing my laundry or even helping for that matter.
  36. I would rather ride with the windows down than have the A/C on, but living in Florida there are very few days we can comfortably do that.
  37. I will drive 5 miles out of my way if I can get fuel for .02 less.
  38. I love, love, LOVE chocolate. I don't skip a day.
  39. My kids have forced me into learning to text and while I'm getting better at it, I'm still not that good.
  40. I am a big sports fan. My favorite is football...GO BUCS...but a close second is baseball. Our local Rays were in the World Series last year. It was very exciting. Especially considering they went from last to first place in a years time.
  41. I am a list maker. It keeps me focused.
  42. I like things neat. A place for everything and everything in it's place. I have been called "anal" by some because of this, and I admit, I have the tendency.
  43. I love roller coasters and ferris wheels.
  44. My dream car is a Mustang. I have always coveted them. But....
  45. I'm not a very good driver, even though I do it everyday. I tend to zone out in the car. Scary I know. I'm working on it.
  46. I like nice smelling candles. Not much of an incense person.
  47. Dressing up and going out is so much fun, but not something I do nearly enough.
  48. I don't need a lot of sleep. I usually get 5-6 hours a night and feel really good most of the time.
  49. But when I sleep I absolutely have to have fan blowing right on me.
  50. I believe in being kind to everybody and in everything we do. Being human, most of us don't accomplish this all the time, but we should always strive to treat others as we would like to be treated.

    If you have made it all the way to end of this post you have the patience of a saint. And with no photos! I will include photos with most of my posts. I have been making a concerted effort lately to take more pictures. Until next time....